Attention To Detail

“The devil is in the details.” This idiom expresses the idea that the details of a plan, while seeming insignificant, may contain hidden problems that threaten its overall success.

Similarly, a quality controlled system requires close attention to every detail. Timbren's commitment to quality governs their manufacturing process.

Here are 5 ways Timbren pays close attention to the details:

  1. Inspection of the product

A rubber defect can lead to a breakdown of the material. Inspecting for defects allows us to guarantee our rubber products.

No defect is too small to be ignored or overlooked.

  1. Inspection of the equipment

A defect in the product naturally leads to an inspection of the production equipment. Sometimes it’s simply human error.  But in many cases, it involves the equipment as well.

Any piece of equipment or machine that’s not working 100% needs to be renewed, repaired or replaced.

  1. Inventory inspection

"FIFO" stands for first-in, first-out, i.e. the oldest inventory items are sold first. In other words, the cost associated with the inventory purchased first becomes the cost expensed first.

Also, the production manager pays close attention to inventory. “Just-in-time” refers to the process of watching min/max levels.

When specific quantities drop to a certain amount, a subsequent order renews proper inventory levels.

  1. Production records

We keep detailed records of our rubber production:  Parts produced, parts rejected, parts reworked and total parts acceptable.

Spotting any developing patterns in defective parts are taken seriously and remedied quickly.

  1. Customer service reports

Customers who report dissatisfaction with their product are processed quickly. We assess each call to determine if the problem is solvable, or salvageable, and we document them as they occur.

Timbren will continue to pay close attention to their everyday manufacturing details in order to ensure that we give you quality products and service at a reasonable price.